Short Robo-Call Pricing

Robo-calls for less than 1 cent per call min volume 150k calls

Robo-calls for 1 cent call min  40k calls

1 million calls for $8995

Standard Call 

5,000 calls for $175 (up to 3 different calls plus broad cast caller id) 

10,000 calls for $275

25k calls for $495

100k calls for $1650


Discounts apply for Standard Calls only

10 percent for Veterans

10 percent when you buy automated calls and text messaging

10 percent for purchase 15 days prior to Election

​Up to 15 percent for multiple campaigns and committees

​Up to 25 percent for Political Consultants

Buy 40k calls and get 1k digital voicemails to cells phones for free 

​Buy 100k robo-calls and get 2k digital voicemails plus 500 free text messages

5 percent for clergy, educators, law enforcement, small business owners and union members

Tracking Polls 

$399 for 10k voters  -2 questions

The ATC Political Services Value Proposition

2000 Candidates and Committees Served Nationwide and counting....

We deliver service options that provide maximum exposure quickly for campaigns and committees across the country. Our staff is working around the clock from now until election day to put your stimulating message in front of voters at a cost far less than TV or Radio and direct mail. We deliver in 3 days or less guiding you every step of the way to maximize your campaign resources. 

Quotes and Discounts for Election 2018

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