ATC PTP Interactive Political

Text Messaging in High Definition

The most effective new way to reach voters at cost less than TV, Radio and Direct Mail

 Voters take your message with them into the voting booth!

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How Much does it cost?

The system cost more than automated calls yet a fraction of the cost of direct mail. We typically target voters under 69 years of age!

 Veteran candidate and early voting discounts apply.

Who is ATC ?

A beltway based Veteran owned provider that has served more than 3,000 elected officials, candidates, committees, PACs and political consultants over the last 10 years nationwide. Most choose and recommend us due to our budget friendly pricing, extremely accurate data, expertise & consultative approach, quick response after hours and commitment to outstanding customer service. We stand by our mission to help decrease your cost per vote!

Why is ATC's PTP Interactive Political Texting so Powerful!

  • Peer to Peer texting enables us to broadcast your message directly to cell phone numbers listed on the voter database.
  • ATC subscribes to extremely accurate database sources that contain voter cell phone numbers in every state, city or county precinct. Our database is 40 percent more accurate than the party list ensuring you do not pay for text messages to voters outside of your district, city or state.
  • Our production team has perfected the creation of direct mail size digital pictures  and animation text message that can be viewed on all cell phone platforms.
  • Voters receive a link back to your website or video. Our statistics show up to 2 out of every 10 voters will view your video or website and many view it while at the voting booth as a reminder when using our system and database.
  •  The system is interactive! Our texting virtual team will answer questions about you when your voters respond to outbound text messages.

Enter a your phone number below to receive a sample of our Political PTP messages in High Definition on your phone.

Applications  for ATC PTP Interactive

  • Increase Fundraising
  • GOTV
  • Conduct Polls 
  • Drive Attendance to Events
  • Discover new volunteers
  • Drive Yard Sign Placement
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