ATC Service Solutions

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 We employ a combination of today's best practices and next generation solutions enabling our clients to maximize use of current and cutting edge technology tools. Our social mobile integration strategies enable our clients to significantly enhance traditional tools including mailers, TV, Radio, Billboards and Newspaper. Our B to B Voice-Broadcasting Strategies innovatively stimulate increases in call center and web sales. 

E-Media Services

Our E-media services include systematic deployment of Social Media, Email Marketing, Text Messaging and Voice Broadcasting. Our industry specific strategies enable our clients to exceed goals for lead generation, fundraising, event attendance, drip marketing, electioneering, web sales, disaster management, mass communication and web branding.

All organizations are unique and require well defined e-media strategies. We do not employ a one size fits all e-media plan. Our e-media representatives provide consultation and design plans that apply our innovative technology tools and while enhancing your existing traditional marketing strategies.