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Electronic Alerts Best Practices


Your citizens will likely receive information in different ways. Seniors prefer automated calls yet youth prefer text messaging and social media. ATC will provide best practices to ensure your message is delivered fast via the channel of choice.


    User Your Personal Cell Phone!


    During an emergency every second counts and available tools like landline phones and computers may not be accessible. 

    ATC's Personal Connect Application enables you to deliver a text message to 500 or 500,000  citizens from your personal cell phone.


      Municipality Alerts

      ATC enables local officials to save lives and minimize property damage by delivering important information updates to 500 or 5 millions citizens in seconds. Our service is also used for event notifications, public opinion surveys and tax payment reminders.


      The Cost of Emergency Preparedness!

      For only pennies per message  you can deliver your information to citizens. The cost of property damage and saved lives far out ways the minimum investment needed to increase your disaster preparedness. Let one of our Municipality consultants develop the most cost efficient system for you.