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Political Polling

 ATC Media Accelerated Polls

Do you want media attention?

Our Media Accelerated Polls promote your candidacy or issue.  No poll can educate voters, stimulate media coverage while determining voter interest like ATC MA Polls. We design the most efficient questions to stimulate voter interest. We then deliver the survey to press contacts stimulating media coverage. ATC MA polls are strategically used to promote your initiatives, create attention to your next bill, get on the ballot and determine voting positioning. Our service representatives have a diverse skill set that consist of political polling and communications.

ATC Smart Polls

Are your polls Smart?

Our smart Polls are different from traditional polls.  Like traditional polls they profile voters as supporters, undecided or non-supporters. Unlike Traditional polls we tag thousands of names, addresses, ages etc. of supporters in phase 1. Later supporters are solicited via press 1 IVR to volunteer, provide small donations and place yard signs in phase 2. We have found thousands of small donors, volunteers and yard sign placements in 24 hours using this feature. Your Undecided voters are also tagged enabling you to persuade them via direct mail campaigns or live persuasion calls. Your voter profiles can then be imported into your voter database system for long-term use. Our innovative service consultants will work with your campaign staff to get the best results while maintaining your anonymity in phase1. We will then find you campaign contributors in phase 2. ATC provides this service for less than the cost of most traditional polls. It is called a smart poll because no other poll has the potential to increase campaign donations, determine positioning, profile voters and discover much needed volunteers!