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Know your data Truth Score

What does food and medicine have in common with data?

Food and medicine  become corrupted when they expire and do not have the correct ingredients. Expired medicine or food can make us sick as it does not serve it's purpose.

Many data sources cause projects to be extremely inefficient or fail.

To measure data we apply a truth score.

Our data sources have the highest truth scores in the industry enabling your organization to gain an advantage on the competition.

We help more than 1000 elected officials use this advantage get elected to stay elected. After servicing thousands of elected officials/candidates and Pacs for 10 plus years we know that your time and campaign funds are not unlimited! 


Let us help maximize your campaign resources and decrease your cost per contact with accurate data!

Use AcCurate Political/Consumer Data to

decrease your cost per Contact

ATC's Political/Consumer Databases

​​We subscribe to the most accurate political/consumer databases enabling you to   efficiently target voters/consumers by the expanded demographics below.

Age-political party, voting frequency, newly registered voters, unregistered adults, gender, race, income, children, occupation, causes donated, amount donated, children in household, home ownership vs renter, political issues of interest, likely gun owner, religion, spoken language and many more


Did you know that most political party databases have inaccurate phone numbers resulting in loss time and money from calling or texting phone bad numbers?

No database is 100 percent accurate yet party and state databases are up to 40 percent inaccurate thus you are only reaching 6 out of 10 voters on average. If you have called voters yourself you have already noticed this problem. The result is...

  • Your volunteers loose time calling bad numbers

  • Political callers hired are charging you to call voters not in your district/city/state


  • Only 60 percent of voters are actually getting your text messages